Stand Up Paddling Experience

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is an on water activity that utilizes a large, stable surfboard to “stand up” on and a long paddle with an ergonomically designed handle to smoothly glide the board across the water.W


We organize classes for those with little to no experience. Those who have attended our "INTRO 2 SUP" are welcome to rent our SUP gears from us.

Purchase / Rent a Point 65 Kayak

We are the official distributor of Point 65 Kayaks for Singapore & Malaysia. Point 65 Kayaks Sweden is the leading kayak brand in Northern Europe and one of the fastest growing kayak companies in the world.

These modular range of kayaks can be easily taken apart and assembled for easy storage and transport. These modular kayaks are currently available in Sit on Top Kayaks, Close Decks as well as StandUp Paddle Board (SUP).



Purchase / Rent a Point 65 Kayak

Plan a Kayaking Expedition with Point 65 KayaksHave a safe & fun experience with our new fleet of Point 65 modular kayaks. Our kayaks can be taken apart & re-assembled to form a 1 to 50 men kayak. We are not confined to the typical configuration of a single or double seater kayak.


Join us in this wonderful experience today!