SEP Endorsed Sports Programme

- Kayaking (Star Course Certification / Orientation Programme)

- Dragonboating

- Swimming

- Inline Skating

- Archery


Other Sports

- High Element, Rope Course, Bowling


StandUP Paddling Watersports Experience


Teambuilding Programme / Amazing Race


Fun & Games

- Lazer Tagging, Zorbing, Tug of War, Sports



Corporate Gifts & Souvenirs

- Conceptualizing, Customization, Source

- Caps, Bottles, T-Shirts, USB Thumbdrives & etc


Talks & Workshops

- Leadership Skills

- Profiling of Students / Teachers

- Lifeskills / Personal Development

- Health & Fitness

- Lifesaving & 1st Aid Introduction / Certification

- Introduction to Magic Tricks


Pulau Ubin Adventures

(Adventure + Nature + Fishing )


Jungle Survival Course



NYAA (National Youth Achievement Award)


We offer a range of activities to fufil the various sections of the NYAA Award:

(1) Adventurous Journey

(2) Physical Recreation


Project "CARAVAN"


Project "Caravan" presents you with a range of products & services down at your workplace. You will be able to view & place an order at the comfort of your workplace at a special price. It serves as a good form of welfare benefit.


Health & Fitness Initiatives

- Fitness Literacy Programme / Fitness Assessment

- Heart Rate Monitor Programme

- Fun Fitness Activities


USB Thumbdrive Customization

- Conceptualizing, Customization


IT Solutions

- Online Feedback System

- Mobile Application

- Implementation / Customization of Application

- Mobile Games & IT Game Trails


Recycle & Be Rewarded Programme


Recycle your recyclable with us & participate in our activities for FREE. Start thinking GREEN for a good cause.